Creating Jewelry for women with unique taste that defines their personal style.

Starting in 2004, I began my journey into designing and creating One of a Kind jewelry. My passion grew out of wanting to wear jewelry that was different and not cookie cutter like most of the designs at the time. None of it appealed to me because it all looked the same and very rarely could I find something I loved in silver or copper.

I also realized that most of the pieces that I did own held sentimental value. I still wear a Rose Quartz Pendant made by an artisan jeweler that my husband bought me when we first started dating. One of my favorite and "go to" pieces is the very first PMC Fine Silver Pendant I made. I love wearing jewelry that is unique and that reflects my unique taste and style.

I truly believe that buying jewelry is very personal. Many of my customers buy my jewelry for a special occasion or because it reflects their own unique style. Wearing jewelry can convey a bold statement or express simple elegance. Jewelry is an accessory that can really finish off a perfect outfit and add that little extra touch of grace.

Jewelry is a personal indulgence. Do we really "need" jewelry, probably not, but I know that when I wear one of my bolder designs I feel empowered just by wearing it. It is perfectly acceptable to indulge ourselves, especially if it empowers you or enhances your inner beauty.

I create Jewelry for women that are confident in their own skin, that aren't afraid to stand out in a crowd and do not feel guilty by indulging their desire to adorn themselves.

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